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Testing for Radon in Air and Water

Sun Nuclear 1027.jpeg

We use the Sun Nuclear Corp. Model 1027 Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM), EPA-approved since 1986. The test is run for at least 72 and up to 90 hours, under closed-house conditions. The monitor is then brought back to the office, where the measurements are printed out on a ticker-tape, showing hourly readings as well as an average radon level.

Our monitors are calibrated annually to ensure the greatest possible accuracy. 


RTCA single canister.jpg
Accustar water test.jpg

We also perform radon-in-water tests using the Accustar Labs

liquid scintillation test kits. 


Want to do it yourself?

We can provide you with a short-term canister test kit. Follow the directions on the kit, and send the exposed canister to the lab. Shipping to the lab is included. Cost is $25 per kit.

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